Improving Landing Page Performance with Proper Analysis and Testing

Ever been stuck on the conversion rate of your landing page? You KNOW that the conversion can be improved but you're not sure how to go about doing it? We bet you have.

In this webinar, Taruna Manchanda and Anand Kansal, Marketers at VWO, take on four landing pages and put them through the CRO grinder. View the recording to see testing and optimization in a whole new light! 

Duration: 40 mins


About the Speakers

Taruna ManchandaTaruna is a marketer at Visual Website Optimizer. She loves all things data and manages customer case studies and SEM at VWO.



ÔÇťAnand Kansal Anand Kansal loves reading about behavioral psychology and decision science. In his spare time, he does lead nurturing and inbound marketing at VWO.