VWO eCommerce Survey Report 2017

56% of the shoppers said that they had made a purchase from an international store and another 31% were willing to experiment
51% of shoppers combine their offline and online experiences
60% shoppers have at least once abandoned a purchase because the website asked for personal information.

I had always thought of showing shipping costs all over our website and not just in the basket or the checkout. Now that the VWO report has shown that 26% visitors abandon carts because of missing shipping cost, I will work on showing shipping cost on the product page and in our configurator as a high priority project.

Christin Gericke

Product Manager

This shopping cart abandonment report, compiled after
surveying over 1000 online shoppers, doesn't just answer why cart abandonment takes place, it also explains 'how' marketers can prevent these abandonments from happening in the first place and 'what' they can do to get these hard-earned visitors back on their websites and ultimately 'convert'.