[Webinar] 8 Checkout Optimization Lessons Based on 5+ Years of Testing

Learn how to turn exclusive UX insights from Baymard Institute into actionable test ideas to optimize your checkout funnel


Cart abandonment sucks. People change their mind sometimes, yes. But what if it's not them? What if it's YOU who is making it difficult for them to complete the purchase process?  

Find out if you're failing your qualified traffic by serving them a crappy checkout process. Sign up to watch Christian Holst from Baymard Institute talk about several glitches noticed by his team while conducting usability tests on checkouts with real users and auditing top eCommerce sites.

You'll learn:

  • Eye-tracking data revealing where users look on the checkout page
  • How your prospects perceive the security of your checkout process
  • Common errors that lead to high abandonment rates (and how to fix them)

And...much more!