[Webinar] How User Research Can Make You a Conversion Rockstar

Intelligent and thorough user research is an undervalued but key element in ensuring a business’s A/B tests realise their maximum potential. Also, the right approach to user research translates into better user segmentation, thus enabling personalization.

Join us on our webinar on "How User Research Can Make You a Conversion Rockstar", where we talk about user research and personalization hacks that will guarantee better conversions for your product pages.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar:

  • Debunking the 5 biggest myths about user research
  • Why 5 huge A/B test wins wouldn’t have been possible without user research
  • Using user data to personalize/localize onsite content
  • How dynamic content can guarantee conversions

Duration: 50 mins + 5 mins (Q&A)


About the Speakers

Sushant SharmaSushant Sharma, Channel Marketing, VWO
Sushant is a Conversion Optimization enthusiast and heads Channel and Co-marketing Operations at VWO. Sushant has previously driven content and email marketing campaigns for online businesses.

Paul RoukePaul Rouke, CEO and Founder, PRWD

Since first conducting user research in 1999, Paul has championed using intelligent, genuine insights from observing and speaking to users to truly understand how online experiences can be improved.