How a $1B eCommerce Major
Lifted Visits-to-Order by 26% [Case Study]

Shopclues is an eCommerce major in India serving 42 million visitors with a global Alexa rank of 431. They are currently valued at more than $1.1 billion.

In this short case study, we take you through the conversion optimization process that resulted in a 26% lift in ShopClue's visits-to-order. Whether you are about to embark on an optimization journey or are already doing it, this case study will be invaluable in identifying how to make it work.

Key takeaways from the book: 

  • A well-organized team leads to a well-oiled conversion optimization machinery
  • Go for the low-hanging fruits first for early improvements
  • Testing backed by good research improves success rates
  • Review new designs to minimize any ripple effects on other conversion elements
  • Use advanced capabilities like Visitor Behavior Analysis and On-Page Surveys to understand exactly what users expect from your site.