How To Build A Winning Conversion Optimization Strategy

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Srikant Kotapalli
Head of Product
Missy McCabe
Growth Marketer
Getting your prospects to pay attention to your website is essential whether you’re running an eCommerce brand or generating leads for your sales team. So, it's imperative to have a killer conversion optimization strategy in place to drive growth.
In this free webinar, you will learn about how to craft a CRO strategy that makes use of both technical best practices and data-driven marketing.
Post this presentation, you will be able to leverage:
  1. CRO and testing best practices
  2. Your Ideal CRO toolkit - every tool and technique you'll ever need
  3. Crafting structured hypotheses 
  4. Data to identify the weakest points in your funnel
  5. A/B testing for high-traffic versus low-traffic websites
  6. Testing for B2B and B2C funnels